Make Your Own Mould



Sculpey  Brand of  Oven-Bake Clay Works Best.  
If you make a mistake, roll into a ball and start over.  You can continue reforming the clay until it is baked.  It will remain soft and reusable. 

2 oz. block, $1.50 at Hobby Lobby

Form a ball, flatten it slightly between  two sheets of paper. When it is approximately 1/2 of an inch,  it is ready.

 Hard Objects

Metal objects work best when they have been chilled in the freezer (about 5 minutes).

Apply pressure chilled coin in the center. Flip clay and coin over.  If the coin does not release, gently pull it from clay.   Clay Mould is ready to be baked.
Pressure and Roll  Press front section at a 45 degree angle and roll downwards

Soft Objects

For fabrics or other soft objects; apply gentle even pressure.


Pre-heat oven  to 275, bake 15 minutes. 
Prepare for Shipping
1. Wrap moulds separately in soft tissue paper (paper towel or toilet paper). 

2. Wrap in crumpled and soften newspaper for additional padding and mail to: 

Earline Green
P. O. Box 1473
Cedar Hill, TX 75106

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